Why the Museumkaart should make you want to study in the Netherlands

“So why should a card make me choose to study in the Netherlands?” you might be asking yourself. Well, there are many, many reasons you should want to study in this small, but big thinking country. For instance, 1 in 10 students are international students, the Dutch are some of the best non-native english speakers in the world, and of course, Dutch universities are some of the best in the world! Here’s how the museumkaart will be another.

Posted by michaeledander1@gmail.com at Apr 02, 2017 05:30 PM

Muiderslot Castle
Explore castles, museums and many other great attractions with the Museumkaart!

It’s a symptom of the Dutch love of learning

Ok, so maybe some of my Dutch friends would argue with me on this point, but as an outsider, I find this country to be very well educated and interested in obtaining more knowledge and skills. The museumkaart gets you into more than 400 museums around the country that cover a wide range of subjects. The sciences, arts, history and much much more are represented. The fact that you can access all these world class museums for only 60 euros a year speaks to the emphasis that the society puts on understanding and learning about the world around us. Sounds like the same reason a lot of us go to university, right?

Dam Square
Both the Royal Palace on the left and the Nieuwe Kerk in the center are free with the card!

It’s a lot of fun!

So yes, I get that everyone won’t enjoy a history museum that tells you about how Amsterdam developed over the years. But how about visiting a castle that looks like it’s from a fairytale, or a museum about germs, or one of the greatest art museums in the world? And that’s just in Amsterdam! I have been lucky enough to travel to many countries, and I have never found a card that gives you access to such a large and varied amount of attractions. No matter what you find fun, you’ll find an outlet for it in the museum card.

The Nemo science museum is right across the bridge from my school!

You’ll find an outlet to enhance your studies

I’m studying music, so this can be easy for me to find. I have been inspired to write music by many of the pretty places I have seen while using the museum card. But if you’re studying art, how would unlimited access to Rijksmuseum sound? Or a history student visiting the WW2 resistance museum and Anne Frank house? Even people studying economics or the sciences will find museums that they can connect to their studies (fun fact, did you know the Dutch economy crashed in the 1600’s because of a bubble in the price of tulips?!?!)

You can even visit some windmills, like this one in Leiden, with the card!

It’s a great way to learn about the local culture

Because Holland has been such a cosmopolitan and outward looking country for centuries, it can sometimes be hard to learn about the Dutch during a regular day to day schedule. Understanding the history of this small, but influential country is made fun by exploring all the museums. And knowing about Dutch history and culture can't hurt if you would like to find a job after graduating right?

Castel de Haar
One of the most beautiful places i've ever been, Castel de Haar, once again free with the card!

So how do you get a museumkaart?

It’s super easy. Just head to one of many museums that sell it, such as the Rijksmuseum, pay 60 euros, and you get a temporary museumkaart. As a resident in the Netherlands you can then register your card on the museumkaart website, after which you will be sent a new card in the mail, valid for a whole year!

Many of you are probably trying to decide between universities to attend right now and might be agonizing over choosing between two or three choices. For me, a cultural appreciation for learning and education helps create the perfect environment to get the most out of a study program (I also wrote about other factors I weighed in narrowing down my choices). The museumkaart is a very welcome symptom of this lovely aspect of Dutch culture.

Posted by michaeledander1@gmail.com at Apr 02, 2017 05:30 PM