6 reasons why the introduction week in Holland is something you should not miss!

New semester is about to start! Before you jump into the study, study and study there is something you should not miss to make your student life in Holland more exciting. The introduction week! This week, I have attended the introduction week and heard 6 different stories from 6 different new students. Let’s see what is so special in the introduction week in Dutch University!

Posted by Boeun Park at Feb 12, 2017 01:48 PM


Are you newly arriving student in Holland? Or are you planning to come to Holland for study? Either way, there is something that you should not miss to study in Holland, the Introduction Week! Introduction week is an orientation week before your study, which is full of fun activities, registration and preparation before you settle. Many student coaches are ready to help your new life in Holland and you can have fun time with other international students who just arrived as you are! Today, I have attended the introduction program and met many different new international students. They have had absolutely wonderful time in fun activities with their international student teams! Ready to hear their experiences during the introduction week? Then here we go!


Zach from Singapore!


Zachary, Singapore

The introduction week was fun, I met a lot of people from different countries. It was nice that people from different countries share the idea and work together. We have done many fun activities such as pub crawl and Dutch evening with Dutch food and games. From these activities I have got to know other cultures.

That I have met many good international fellows and spent fun time together. Working with these nice people for the team activity was truly the best experience in the introduction week.



Lofti, Italy – The student coach

Introduction week in Holland is very nice, as in my home country, we don’t have such introduction program. During the introduction week, those international students who came here alone or first time in Holland can bond to each other. And they can discover the country together. It is very motivating. One more thing is that you can also get to know people from the different faculty, outside of your comfort zone.

Working as a coach I also learned a lot about team work and cooperation.



Chris, USA

Introduction week has been absolutely amazing. Although many students here must have already done many different team projects, the activities that focuses on meeting new people and knowing different cultures have been really helpful for starting new student life in Holland. Obviously, one of my favorite introduction activities that I have ever done so far.

The best part of the introduction week is, for example, last night after working with my team. we all went down to the cafeteria having dinner and beer just chilling together. I have been definitely enjoying the introduction week so far.



Erika, Italy

I really liked the way of the university taking care of the new students. The introduction week was very well-planned for new arriving student, such as pick-up service from the Schipol airport, registration and even nice meal during the day! And also the people are so kind to help me out. I am also enjoying the team works that consist of different international students. This team activities experience will be useful in the future as well. 



Susan, Uganda-Ireland

As there are only two people from the same university of mine it has been great to meet many other people. It could have felt like that I have to do everything alone but meeting new people and attending team activities, I didn’t feel like that. The city tour that we have done few days ago is especially memorable, as it was such a nice time to get to know the cool places in the town. When it comes with the team activities, I found it really helpful as I have got to know better about the Netherlands and its regions. 



Karen, Spain

I feel so great in the introduction week as it is very well-organized. As the university helped us to do the most complicated part, the registration, it was really easy to settle in the new country. With the help, you know what you have to do and where you have to go for all the paper work that you need to live in Holland. It was really helpful. And also, the best part is the team activities and many parties! As I am from Spain, I kind of worried about that the bonding between people will not be as strong as in my home country but during the introduction week, I had so much fun time interacting with many different people!


Introduction week is truly the experience that you should not miss when you study in Holland!

Do you have any other question about introduction week or preparation to come to Holland for studying?

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Posted by Boeun Park at Feb 12, 2017 01:48 PM
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