Do you want to work in Holland? All you need to know about Orientation (job seeking) year and Highly skilled immigration visa! – 2

Would you like to work in Holland after graduation? Are you looking for a job in Holland with your university degree? Then stay tuned! I will share with you “All you need to know about Orientation (job seeking) year and Highly skilled immigration visa”!

Posted by Boeun Park at Jul 16, 2017 02:10 PM

In previous post, Orientation year visa and Highly Skilled Immigration visa are talked. In this post, detail of application and some conditions for obtaining visa will be dealt! Here we go!


1. I am student in Holland now with study residence permit. When do I have to apply Orientation year visa or be hired with Highly Skilled Immigration visa after my graduation?

A residence permit for study purpose is always issued for duration of your study plus three months for administrative completion of the program. This means, you will have 3 months more to live in Holland since the date your study program is officially finished. You can apply for Orientation year visa until your study residence permit is finished. However, if your study is finished prematurely, which means way earlier than it is supposed to be finished, this date can be revoked to earlier than the date on your residence permit. If you want to apply for the Orientation Year Visa, the best thing to do is apply for it as soon as you can (graduation letter from DHEI is sufficient if the diploma is not yet being issued).


2. During Orientation year, I do not have to obtain residence permit separately because Orientation year visa itself guarantees my residence. However what if I am hired during orientation year? Does my employer have to apply residence permit for me? Or does he/she have to apply Highly Skilled Immigration visa for me immediately when I am hired?

No you employer can wait to apply Highly Skilled Immigration visa until your Orientation year finishes. As Orientation year visa guarantees you residence permit and free access to labor market with any kind of working conditions, your employer does not need to apply work permit/Highly Skilled Immigration visa during your orientation year.


3. How do I apply for Orientation year visa when I am in abroad?

Depending on your nationality, you may need a provisional residence permit (so called, MVV) if you want to settle in the Netherlands. MVV is an entry visa that is required if you want to stay in Holland more than 90 days. You can start the Entry and Residence Procedure (TEV procedure) at a Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin or continuous residence, or, if that is not possible, in a country nearby. The TEV procedure combines the application for an MVV and the application for a residence permit.


4. Am I exempt from obtaining MVV if I have a valid residence permit in another EU country or in another Schengen member state?

That depends on the kind of residence permit you have. The condition is:

  • I have an EU long-term residence permit in one of EU member states. Or,
  • I resided in another member state for a period of 18 months as a (family member with a) holder of a European Blue card.
  • I have a residence permit for scientific researchers under Directive 2005/71/EC in another member state.


In this case, you can apply for a residence permit directly in Holland. The MVV exemption does not apply to you if you have a different residence permit issued in another Schengen member state.


5. Can I use Orientation year visa for the second time if I have completed another study program or scientific research?

Yes, to students completing several programs of study or scientific research, a residence permit for the orientation year can be granted after each of those programs. You can therefore apply for another orientation year if this is done on the basis of another completed program of study or scientific research. However, this program of study or scientific research must have been completed after your previous orientation year.


6. Am I obliged to take out Dutch public health insurance once I have found a job or internship during the Orientation year?

Yes, you are obliged to take out Dutch public health insurance once you have found a job or internship with more than 150 euros of salary. You have three months to find this insurance, however, the starting date must be the date that you start your work/internship. More information can be found


Hope all the information have help you to understand Orientation year visa and Highly Skilled immigration visa! More information is always can be found in IND website If you have any questions about the Orientation Year and your situation, you can e-mail them directly to the IND at Or check if you can find your answer in this FAQ ‘Orientation year highly educated persons’.



Posted by Boeun Park at Jul 16, 2017 02:10 PM
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