How does an international student spend her Tuesday?

Can Tuesday be a fun day in a week? Let me show you how exciting Tuesday I had! Give a glance in a campus life in Delft.


Happy week of international student in Holland! Woke up with this fresh weather that has been rare for last few days.

With this weather, I was already fully motivated to report my exciting campus life in Delft.

Amazing weather in November in Holland. Such a rare day..
Amazing weather of November in Holland! Such a rare day..


Feeling fresh and reported, I was getting ready to go to the University in Delft. Today's schedule:

  • Heading to the campus by 11 am
  • Livestream (!) - you can still watch it on Study in Holland facebook page! - from 12 pm
  • Class from 2 pm
  • Beer with friends after class, from 6 pm


Full schedule with so much activities! Let me take some shots of espresso, and I am ready to go on my full fun Tuesday.

Taking a train to Delft..
Taking a train to Delft..


Taking a train to go Delft.. taking only few minutes from The Hague where I live.


And arrive at Delft station!
And arrive at Delft station!


And now we are here! Delft!

Then let's move on to the campus :)

You can easily reach to the Campus by bus.

Awesome weather and library
Awesome weather and library


After a journey, I finally arrived at the campus. This is the signature building of TU Delft, the library building. Today's weather was just amazing, the beauty of this architect shines even more bright.

Right after I arrived, I started to prepare the livestream that is planned on 12 pm. Today I will not only give answers for questions but also give a short campus life tour. You can watch the livestream on Study in Holland facebook! So much fun on the campus with my classmates :)

After the livestream, I had short lunch and play some Mario cart in the Study association common area. And now time to class.


Actor and strategy models course. Today is about game theory.
Actor and strategy models course. Today is about game theory.


A class usually lasts two hours with 15 minutes break in between. Since I study Engineering and Policy Analysis which is mostly about modeling using modeling software, a laptop is necessary for class.

In Holland, the class is very interactive. Students do not hesitate to ask anything they want to know about the class and the professor is also always willing to answer and teach more about what students want to know.

After 4 hours of class and practice session, time to relax and have some fun time with friends! Let's go have some beer in a faculty bar.

TU Delft's architecture building
TU Delft's architecture building


In TU Delft, every weekday different faculty bar opens. Each faculty building has their own pub that sells some beer and snacks to the students who are exhausted by study loads. It cheers us up and gives energy to keep going on!

Today is Tuesday, so architecture bar was open! Having a couple of beer with friends, joking and laughing.. in that moment we just forget about class and assignment but have fun.

After a long day, I finally came back home and prepare some food for myself.

Cooking simple, eating well :)
Cooking simple, eating well :)


After eat, time to be buried in a blanket, read and do assignments. To maintain good student life in Holland you must make a good balance between study and relax :) Hope you guys enjoyed my report in week of international student Holland!


If you want to see more of my day, find me on my Facebook/Study in Holland Facebook page and Study in Holland Instagram!


Stay tune with our activities!  

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