So called, “DELFT FUN”

Decided to come to Holland, especially Delft? Here is some preview of what you will experience in the first few weeks! The first impression of TU Delft you will have.


Technical University of Delft, so called, TU Delft. I started my 2 year master study in here, Delft. Delft is one of the smartest cities in Holland, no, even in Europe. As the largest technical university in Holland, TU Delft attracts many talented and smart students around the world. With RWTH Aachen in Germany, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Chalmers University of technology in Sweden and Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, TU Delft belongs to the IDEA league, a strategic alliance of leading European universities of technology. 

At this point, you might think “Okay, I already have read all of those proud TU Delft introductions from the university’s website. Give me some live information!” So, I approach in more vivid way, based on my own experience, to introduce Delft and TU Delft! 


Delft, the very cozy habitant for engineers from all over the world

Out of 20,000 students, almost 4,400 students are international students in TU Delft. One fifth of students are from other European countries, Asia, Latin America or somewhere else. Every year almost 2,000 new international students arrive in Delft and this diversity makes a life in TU Delft more vivid. Even in my program, there are 15 different nationalities. All those students with different backgrounds always bring fresh and sometimes even astonishing stories, and you will find it very interesting to hang out with them. Therefore, you don’t have time to feel lonely as an international student who came to the Netherlands alone. Everyone is special individuals and they are so open to talk with you!

Silly mates


 Every year the university puts much effort to organize fun and interactive activities for newly coming students. This introduction week for new international students lasts for two weeks. Two whole weeks! Making it easier to reach to these fun weeks-long activities, TU Delft has launched a new introduction week application that you can check all the events and activities day by day. For two weeks, hundreds of options for activities are offered, from campus tours to Boat party. All you have to do is conveniently signing up the activities that you find interesting on the application, and, of course, get yourself ready to make friends. 

Welcome cafe
The welcome cafe is installed only during the introduction week. At the welcome cafe the coaches (students in the coach t-shirts!) are ready to help you out.


 The introduction weeks are not only for fun and party. In these weeks, some important procedures for international students are also planned. TU Delft organizes the registration session for residence permit, insurance and bank account on the campus, eliminating the possible inconvenience for new international students. And new students also can buy second hands bicycles on the campus, which is one of the most essential preparations to live in Holland. 


TU Delft organizes the registration day that you can register for residence permit, insurance and bank account.


 It’s all about team, team, team work!

If you are a university student or a graduate, you would know how important it is to work in a team project. Especially engineering school students may feel this even more often as their curriculums mostly consist of team projects, assignments and experiments. TU Delft knows it very well that the engineering students must be trained well to work in a team, especially in TU Delft’s international and multi-disciplinary environment. Therefore second week of the introduction weeks is composed by team project.

This project is nothing about serious topic. You don’t have to build a spaceship or discover new chemical composition to cure AIDS. This year, we built a parade bicycle! Each team is made with randomly picked international students from different study programs. The theme of the project changes each year, last year was launching a water rocket and this year, which I personally think more fun than building a water rocket, was building a parade bicycle. 


Building parade bicycle
Working as a team to make parade bicycle!


The task was to make mascot, flag and to decorate bicycle for parade featuring Dutch city and town. My team’s city was Schiedam, the small town near Delft. Working within the team, we chose the characteristic of Schiedam, making logo, flag, mascot (Dressing one of the members as a mascot) and parade bicycle. And the result is……..


Team Schiedam
Parade bicycle is ready to be on road! Team Schiedam, the city of Gin and Windmill!


With the bicycle we have marched in the parade with a Brazilian marching band just like carnival in Rio. It was a truly memorable experience matching outfits with team mates and cheering the marching members, laughing and enjoying the parade music! And our enthusiasm paid us back with a first prize.

And the winning team is..
Parade was awesome. Matching t-shirts with team mates and enjoying parade music! And the winning team is....Team Schiedam!


TU Delft has put a lot of effort for international students to get along with other students and get used to the new environment. As the university and the city itself is very international, everyone is friendly and open to people from all around the world. They are kindly willing to help you to settle down in new environment and try to make you feel home in the Netherlands.


Still hesitating to come to Holland or Delft? Feel free to contact me and ask what you want to know! 

Swarna Narayanan says:
Mar 15, 2017 04:24 PM
Hi Boeun,
         This is Swarna from India and have got an admit from TU Delft for MSc Embedded Systems August 2017 intake. Thanks a lot for the post. Was fun reading it and looking forward to experiencing it. I would like to know about the internship and job opportunities at Holland. It would be helpful if you could elaborate on this.
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