Netherlands - the melting pot of cultures

Do you know that 1 out of 10 students in Holland is an international student? The presence of such a large number of international students and foreigners here means that there are plenty of cultural activities and events.

Posted by Chung Thanh Le at May 22, 2017 07:50 AM

Are you someone who is into exploring different cultures, but may not have the money to travel around during your study?

Then u come to the right country. The Netherlands hosts numerous activities throughout the whole country to showcase not only their unique culture but also those of other countries.

Facebook and the website Iamsterdam are great sources of information about these events.

Weekends in Spring and Summer are usually jam-packed with events. For example, there is an Embassy festival in every August for the last 2 years. I remember there were approximately 30-40 stands from countries all around the world at last year's event. My Vietnamese student association received the honour to represent Vietnam and showcase our culture through food and products. Our stand attracted so many children because of the conical-hat painting activity. The fragrant from our food corner also made a lot of pedestrians stop by and try our cuisine. The 3D cards that we put on display were our hottest item of the day that really wowed everyone for their complex and beautiful structures.

Vietnamese cultures: conical hats and 3D cards
Here are 3D cards and painted conical hats from Vietnam


Just last month, I got to attend 2 cultural events: the Japanese cherry blossom festival at Amsterdam Bos and the South East Asian Cultural Event 2017 in Nijmegen. Check out my two vlogs below to know how much fun I had at these events.



If u re not yet in Holland and anxiously counting down the day you step onto that flight to Holland, just know that there are a lot of fun stuff you can enjoy here. Your Study-in-holland journey is yours to design, so fill it up with some of those cultural events, will ya ? 

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Posted by Chung Thanh Le at May 22, 2017 07:50 AM