TCS Amsterdam Marathon Race Event 2016

Let’s throwback to last Sunday when the wonderful TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2016 Event took place. If it wasn’t because of a friend of mine who participated in the event, I would have missed out on experiencing this incredible day.

Posted by Chung Thanh Le at Oct 22, 2016 11:15 PM

Though I have been living in Amsterdam for more than 4 years, it was actually my first time enjoying this annual event. My memories about this event from previous years are not so positive: blocked roads during the day and dirty streets at the end of the afternoon. But this year experience has left nothing but inspirations in my heart.  

At this event, you could sign up for either a full marathon (42km), or a half marathon (21km), or a kid race (8km). My friend did the 21km race which started at around 2pm; the full marathon however started a lot earlier, around 9am. The marathon ran from outside the Olympic stadium, along the picturesque Amstel River, through the city and finished inside the big stadium. Luckily, the weather was absolutely stunning at 18 degree with clear blue sky, which of course contributed majorly to the success of the event. 

TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2016
The routes of Amsterdam Marathon and Half-marathon races.


During my attempt to get from where I live to the starting point of the race to cheer for my friend, I was shocked to see this endless stream of thousand runners who all looked inspirationally determined and … sweaty. Along the two sides of the road, there were hundred supporters who handed out waters and cheered so hard for the runners with their “you’re incredible – don’t give up” signs. Music was played everywhere to give the runners that extra push to complete the challenge. The locals brought out their couches and enjoyed watching the race from the pavements. The kids were smiling and running and yelling. Though it still took me more than an hour to cross the city, I simply didn’t care because i was so into the moment and captivated by this electrifying atmosphere that literally almost brought tears to my eyes (no lies). It is like Amsterdam has never been more alive than this.

Below is a short video I compiled from the photos and clips I took on the day. I hope it gives you a tiny bit of the sense of how fun, energetic and inspiring this year event really was. 



Oh and you can bet now that there is this fire in me to push me to participate in the half marathon next year. Watching my friend completing the race, I want to feel that sense of accomplishment even more. So do you feel inspired yet to put on your trainers and practice for the event next year?

Let me know in the comment section below, will ya? 

Posted by Chung Thanh Le at Oct 22, 2016 11:15 PM