Admission requirements

Admission requirements are set by the higher education institutions. You first need to find a study programme and then check the admission requirements.

Use our Studyfinder search engine to select your programme and check the admission requirements:

Find a study programme

Compare your diploma

If you know which diploma the institution of your choice has set as a minimum requirement, you can check how your diploma compares to this on the EP-Nuffic website.

Language requirements

It is essential that you speak, read and write English well. You must have passed an English language test. IELTS and TOEFL are commonly accepted, but institutions may accept other tests as well, like Cambridge English.

The required scores are at least 550 (paper based) or 213 (computer based) for TOEFL. For IELTS a score of at least 6 is required.

Preparatory year

Sometimes you are not yet eligible to the programme of your choice, but with a little extra preparation you could succeed next year!

The Dutch higher education institution of your choice can provide you with a conditional letter of acceptance. Dutch immigration law then allows you to come to the Netherlands for a maximum of one year prior to your studies to follow preparatory courses and pass the examinations set by the institution.

After you have passed the examinations, the conditional letter of acceptance will be turned into a definite letter of acceptance. The factsheet 'A preparatory year before admission to a Dutch university' gives you all the information on this topic.

The factsheet about a preparatory year(81 kB)

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